vois le ciel _ photo series

vois le ciel _ photo series

_ 2014 _ on going project _ from 2014

______ in short :

pictures taken around my strolls around the world where the camera angle gives priority to the sky rather than landscape elements _ _ instagram #voisleciel

_______ at length :

it began a few years ago
i realised that everyone was taking the same picture, of the same beautiful architecture, in the same touristic city
in an gesture of distinction, i wanted to keep an other representation of it
to really give an uniqueness at this picture, a non reproductible image, non present on search engines...
i pointed my smartphone upwards...
toward the space, toward this immense vault : le ciel
unique, single and unrivalled at the same time

the subject of the photography stays the human landscape elements
it shows the strolls i have been doing the last few years

a triptic was selected for the biennale de design de saint etienne 2019 under the "concours explore outside the box"

a similar work is under construction, but instead to carry this out on touristic landscape elements, i will implement it on touristic artistic work in museums

_ London
_ Amsterdam
_ Berlin
_ Prague
_ Budapest
_ Vienna
_ Ljubljana
_ Venice
_ Milano
_ Florence
_ Pisa
_ Rome
_ Kraków
_ Auschwitz
_ Kraków
_ Brussels
_ Dour
_ Shanghai
_ Beijing
_ Shenzen
_ Liuzhou
_ Nanning
_ Suzhou
_ Nanjing
_ Chengdu
_ Jiuzhaigou
_ Songpan
_ Leshan
_ The Hague
_ Mexico

_ Rennes
_ Le Mans
_ Lyon
_ Nancy
_ Rouen
_ Le Havre
_ Tours
_ Orléans
_ Reims