usec _ utc junior entreprise

usec _ utc junior entreprise

_ 2015 · 2016 _ one year _ for usec

______ in short :

treasurer and accountant for the junior consultancy firm

______ at length :

i was member of the junior entreprise of my engineering school utc
this entity has a status between an association and an entreprise
usec (now under the name of "junior utc") is part of a network of 120 french junior entreprises

briefly, a junior entreprise it is like a consultancy firm, it prospects contracts to entreprises that are realized by utc students

as accountant and then treasurer, i have learned
_ to establish and follow a budget (80k€)
_ to perform social and tax declarations
_ to remunerate students, pay suppliers and make follow-up calls to clients
_ to input the financial accountability according to the French accounting principles