magnet _ overhand fitness *confidential*

magnet _ overhand fitness *confidential*

_ 2017 _ one semester project _ for overhand fitness

______ in short :

a tracking device for fitness groups classes

______ at length :

overhand is a french start up based in shanghai with a well-structured concept
they have a tracking technology for workout fitness group, in order to gamify it, to engage challenges and to get some feedback on your training
they are in collaboration with michele aboro, a boxing world champion

the tracking device is installed on both wrists, like a watch
we came here to work on the bracelet design, the main goals were to find the best way :
_ to wear with confort
_ to put and remove the tracking device quickly on the strip
_ to protect it from punches

we thought of a system equivalent to magnetic locket
the magnetic force is able to resist to punches but it is very easy to put it and remove it
a satisfaction feeling is experienced when the sound of the sticking magnets is produced

a reflexion has also been conducted on the charging booth on the fitness academy