memphis _ kettle

memphis _ kettle

_ 2019 _ one week workshop

______ in short :

a kettle inspired from the italian 80s esthetic

______ at length :

this kettle combines the manufacturing process of the classical alessi kettle (michael graves, richard sapper) and the particular (pelicular ?) esthetic and materials of the memphis group lead by etorre sotsass

memphis watchword was liberty, to such an extent that there is no manifesto of it
it is expressed thought an extravagant geometry, an explosion of color and at first glance a non matching elements
this movement was constructed in opposition of minimalism and the 70s good design

the main adjective of this kettle can be synesthesia :
_ the touch : a PA soft texture
_ the hearing : a non oppressive two tones whistle
_ the sight : shameless bright colors