les affluences _ lyon city demain

les affluences _ lyon city demain

_ 2019 _ one week workshop _ with julien brossier, louis houssier and zoe lopez _ for lyon city demain 2019 / cnr

_____ in short :

an exhibition booth that explains how the Perrache train station users will become aware of their consumption

_____ at length :

the goal was to aware Perrache users about the local energies
_ the first one was the hydraulic energy, coming from the rhone and the saone
_ the second one was coming from the participative energy of the users

the hydraulic energy will be implemented by our partner cnr (compagnie nationale du rhone), in order to supply street furniture « of necessity » (lights, train station information, etc.)
a graphic blue line will connect all these furnitures to make understandable that the energy is coming from the rivers

the participative energy will be created thanks to the energy of humans coupled to the energy of gravity (see the james auger newton machine)
it will supply street furniture « of confort » (smart charging station, news information, etc.)
to make an effort to create energy permits to understand the value of it, and the fact that electricity is not just a plug, there is a process behind

the goal was to exhibit these proofs of concept in a booth that explains how and where the energy is created