ligne f _ jura

ligne f _ jura

_ 2018 _ one semester project _ potentially for jura

______ in short :

a high-end model filter coffee machine that simplifies the coffee ritual

______ at length :

jura is swiss brand specialized in automatic coffee, the "rolls-royce" of the coffee machine as the vendor told me when i was interviewing him
the goal here is to introduce the coffee filter machine in the range
it adresses to families that consumes a lot of it
in order to hold his position as leader in the upmarket coffee machines, a precious attention have been put in the user experience

to not bother the user with complicated gestures, most of the tasks has been automated
just choose your coffee parameters trough the interface on the top or through the connected app, and drip your coffee

this coffee machine is a top-end model product in the sense that :
_ there is authenticity : we can admire the coffee grains
_ there is quality : some top finishing materials
_ there is precision : ultimate new technology (aroma g3 grinding, smart connect, filter cartridge claris, etc.)
_ there is refinement : the dynamic shape raised by the thin led light