fabuleux _ festival

fabuleux _ festival

_ 2018 _ one week workshop _ with antoine durantel

______ in short :

a festival on the theme of fable to propose symbiotic moments between parents / children

______ at length :

the statement was that the leisure experiences parents / children are :
_ not representative of the children potential
_ was not adapted to parents needs
actually, the main pain points during the leisure experience are:
_ the parents boredom
_ the non interaction between parents / children
_ the preparation

the brief was then to conceive a festival space to answer to those problematics
it restricted us using a 10k€ budget for a 500 people gauge in two days

in that context, we focus on the fables, an incredible literature because it adresses to both parents and children
_ on one hand children are amazed by the animals universe, and according to their age they may understand the morale
_ on other hand, parents are brought back in their childhood memories, but also can interact with their children about the morale of these little stories

strong values were moved forward during this festival, which resolve at the same time the pain points detected above :
_ it is based on gratuity on the festival site, to encourage sharing
_ it is based on cooperation games, to support solidarity