degreecup _ CES Asia

degreecup _ CES Asia

degree cup _ 2017 _ one semester project _ with herve chan, christelle chewe, clement giroire, miaomiao sheng and tony ung

______ in short :

a connected cup app monitored to control the drink temperature

______ at length :

our survey on chinese people from shangai university shows that :
_ 75% have a reusable bottle
_ more than 66% of them have drink temperatures issues

the goal here was to propose a cup that can :
_ warm your drink when it’s too cold, for a better taste
_ cool off your drink when it’s too hot, to avoid burns

the connected cup is completely monitored by an app
some features were added, like the water consumption statistics, because a lack of hydratation could endangered the user under high temperatures as we may encountered in shanghai
also, water spots are indicated in order to refill in good conditions your cup

we developed a functional prototype of the app and a 3d printed mockup for the connected bottle
we have won the best pitch award in front of (fictional) investors
all our work was exhibited in the french pavillon of the "ces asia 2019" in shangai