alianza 19S _ tuux

alianza 19S _ tuux

_ 2019 _ two months contract _ for TUUX design studio

______ in short :

an open source range of furniture available in case of natural disaster

______ at length :

the september 19th 2017, an earthquake shook mexico city and its surroundings

during my internship i was in charge of modify, design, make understandable, classify and make available online for free under the creative commons licence the necessary files to build some emergency furnitures

these files consists in specifications, general cnc instructions, assembly instructions, cad files and cam files for cnc
a user friendly website was created in order to make it available for everyone in case of natural disaster

the furniture is composed of cheap and easy-access mdf
it is manufactured by a classical cnc machine
the time of assembly is very short as the time of production
it answers to almost vital needs in crisis situation